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New Year Resolutions Are Worthless


I despise new year “resolutions”.

New year resolutions are not goals. Although people claim to have these “goals”, they are just wishes that they hope magically come true for them.

I’m not being mean, condescending, hating or any other negative verb you could throw at me, but I AM being blunt and just saying what is.

How could I say that?


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50 posts!

50 posts!

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A Week w/ the iPhone 5S & iOS 7

After spending 20 months w/ the iPhone 4S, I figured that a larger 16x9 screen, fast LTE, two improved cameras & a 64-bit processor were definitely worth an upgrade. Plus, my upgrade eligibility date was just in time for the iPhone 5S launch!

These are my initial impressions:

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To have more than you’ve got, you’ve got to become more than you are.

Jim Rohn

jim rohn

They should bring these cool LED pedestrian #signs to eastern side of #Pennsylvania… - [ #pittsburgh #streetsigns #walk #traffic ]

They should bring these cool LED pedestrian #signs to eastern side of #Pennsylvania… - [ #pittsburgh #streetsigns #walk #traffic ]

Welcome to #Indiana! (at Welcome To Indiana Sign)

Welcome to #Indiana! (at Welcome To Indiana Sign)

The brown waters of the MUDDY #Maumee… - [ #grandrapids #ohio #river ] (at Maumee River)

The brown waters of the MUDDY #Maumee… - [ #grandrapids #ohio #river ] (at Maumee River)

Some Blog Tips If You Suck at Blogging


You suck at blogging because you forget to do it. Blog Tips #1

Yeah right. 90% of the time, you think about it all day long and continue to push it off until later. Then it gets too late, so you tell yourself, "I’ll do it tomorrow." You repeat yourself and tomorrow never comes. Before you know it, a few weeks or even a month has passed. If you suck at blogging because you forget to do it then you don’t suck at blogging; not at all. You’re just an overachiever in procrastination…but since it takes the rest of your life to fail, there IS hope! Let’s continue.

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Pick your battles wisely and only focus on what you CAN control.


Accept the things you can’t change, fight for the things you can.

Income for Dummies

income for dummies

Trading your time for money just plain stupid.

It’s income for dummies.

A job makes me feel like a child in school.

Children have NO authority.

Just go with the program or get suspended, end of discussion.

Aren’t you sick of having to wake up at a certain time every day because someone TOLD you when to report to work?

One thing I’ve always hated about having a job is that I have to plan my entire life around my job.

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Tips on Pumping Gas - Methods to Maximize Your Every Fill

tips on pumping gas

I hate chain letters.

Stupid jokes…

Thinking of you…

God said…

WHATEVER the message, I refuse to pass it on.

However, sometime last week I received a forwarded email from my mother.

The information in the email is beneficial to anyone that drives an automobile, myself included, so I decided to share it here (though I still didn’t pass on the email).

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It’s COOL to be a NERD?

cool nerd

It wasn’t cool to be a nerd.

As a little kid, I wore clothes that fit.

I carried a GameBoy in my pockets and listened to Red Grammar & Wee Sing.

I watched Woody Woodpecker, Bill Nye and Bible cartoons.

I grew a strong passion for the home team Indiana Pacers.

I was born in Philly, but from the age of three until eight, I lived in Indianapolis. If memory serves, I believe the children dressed normally. However, when I went back to Philadelphia in 1995 (and when I moved back in 1996), suddenly my attire, interests and lingo were out of place.

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